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Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - Pastors George & Jestina Bowles
IMAGE Ministry Youth Cafe
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  are fearfully and wonderfully made

You are an original! don't frustrate yourself trying to be a copy of someone else. God has designed you in His IMAGE, for His glory Introduce the real you! God has gifted you with amazing gifts and talents that bring glory to Him and is an instrument to lead others to the great love of God!
 God has planted a  UNIQUE dream in your heart.  Ask God, how can you use the special gift He has given you, to bring Him glory and share  God's awesome gift of salvation with the WORLD!!! Go ahead!  STEP OUT and be a mighty witness of how he has saved and transformed your life.  Remember God has not given you a spirit of fear but a spirit of love and a sound mind!  You can do it! You can be! all that God has called you to be! 
There is no one else just like you You are ONE OF A KIND
How amazing is that!   God designed you for a special and unique purpose, that's why you must fulfill your  purpose on this earth
Use our Contact Form to send us your prayer request, testimonies, dreams, We would love to hear from you and minister to you.

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