Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - Heaven on Earth Singles Min.
Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - Pastors George & Jestina Bowles
Heaven on Earth Christian Singles Relationship Institute
Founders: Pastors George & Jestina Bowles
You are complete in Him!
and God has made you complete in Christ. Christ is in charge of every ruler and authority.

A  Training & Relationship Institute for Single Christians
Providing: Classes, Seminars, Private Coaching & Counseling, Fellowship, Ministry

Are you Single and need to develop healthy relationships with the opposite sex? Are you searching for spiritual support  & fellowship group rooted and grounded in God?  You are important to the body of Christ, your relationship needs are important to us. We are reaching out to you! This time of your life can be one of the most fulfilling seasons of life for you. Email us and tell a friend so we can plan a meet and greet fellowship for singles that are committed Christians with a destiny and purpose that glorifies God.
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