Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - About Us
Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - Pastors George & Jestina Bowles
We are so Glad you asked!
Here at Bread of Life Christian Center, we are committed to serving God, through the mission delegated to us through Jesus Christ.
  We preach, teach, and live the word of God through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We Believe the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues is vitally important as commanded by Jesus Christ. He commanded that we are baptized for the enduement of power to be mighty witnesses and powerful ministers of His salvation.
 We believe that the Love of God, faith in the word of God, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit are powerful change agents;  to transform, and set mankind free to be what God has truly designed us to be for His glory!
We know and believe the word of God is the manual for living a prosperous and abundant life here on earth;  The Word instructs us, that we must accept Jesus Christ by faith as our Lord and
Savior, to experience eternal life with Him forever.
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