Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - God's Woman Dream Emp. Insti.
Bread of Life Christian Center, Inc. - Pastors George & Jestina Bowles
 God's Woman Supernatural
Dream Empowerment 
Life Ministry Institute
Founder: First Lady Jestina Bowles
Below is an excerpt of a prophetic inspiration of what will be taught in our first course:
"Kingdom Dreams, Empowered by the Holy Spirit"   Make your plans to become a part of this institute.
Dream- in original Hebrew definition means to gaze at mentally, to perceive, contemplate (with pleasure) specifically to have a vision of.  behold;look;prophecy;provide see. (Strongs #2372) 
It is so important to have a vision, for people perish without it.
As I studied this, "WORSHIP" rose up in me.
As we"gaze" and set our affections on the Lord we are enveloped in His presence and positioned to receive supernatural treasures from His heart.
A Prophetic for you; WORSHIP brings REVELATION, revelation brings VISION, Vision is the seed of TRANSFORMATION!
Dream: A Spiritual revelation of the Word of God for your life; developed from deep spiritual communion with and in the presence of the Lord.  This dream transforms you & the world around you; causes you to live life as a Supernatural Woman of God
Open our eyes, Lord, that we may hear and see your word.  " Dream" is about Him, It is the dream God has planted in us.  Seeing with  Spiritual eyes of God manifested in our lives and the lives of others. 
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Begins January 15, 2013 @ 9:00 am to 10:00
   It's time to take that DREAM GOD has planted in you off the shelf!  The world needs the gift & purpose God has created in you.  It's time to take your place in the Body of Christ.
Learn to RUN your Race
Take your Place
Reign in God's Awesome Grace!
First Lady Jestina Bowles


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